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Video: A New Medicaid Plan for Texas

Thanks to our friends at OneTexas for sending this over. If Republicans don’t want to listen to common sense Democrats, perhaps they’ll listen to some of their own who support Medicaid expansion.

Progress Texas: Who Supports Medicaid Expansion in Texas?

Thanks to our friends at Progress Texas for supplying this growing list.

Who Supports Medicaid Expansion in Texas?
The list below is compiled and regularly updated by Progress Texas,
in consultation with Texas Well & Healthy.
www.progresstexas.org www.texaswellandhealthy.org
Chambers of Commerce (9) SOURCE
Arlington Chamber of Commerce http://bit.ly/UKpocC
Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce http://bit.ly/UQYlfQ
Dallas Chamber of Commerce http://bit.ly/XqFcxQ
El Paso Chamber of Commerce http://bit.ly/12USuKc
Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce http://bit.ly/Zw0HDB
Greater Austin Hispanic Business
Chamber of Commerce
Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce http://bit.ly/XPKt17
Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Chamber http://bit.ly/15dkUgP
San Antonio Chamber of Commerce http://bit.ly/ZlVpXh
City & County Government (6) SOURCE
Bexar County Commissioners’ Court http://bit.ly/ZBvlaQ
Dallas County Commissioners’ Court http://bit.ly/YfGQ8C
El Paso County Commissioners’ Court http://bit.ly/13tpXqs
Hidalgo County Commissioners’ Court http://bit.ly/YymYcW
Travis County Commissioners’ Court http://bit.ly/VzXoYq
Austin City Council http://bit.ly/YGnfN3
Waco City Council http://bit.ly/UOZxAk
Organizations (40) SOURCE
Austin Health Care for All Texas http://bit.ly/15dkUgP
Austin Interfaith http://bit.ly/WefwnJ
City Square http://bit.ly/15dkUgP
Gateway to Care http://bit.ly/15dkUgP
Greater Houston One Voice http://bit.ly/Xp2Wp2
Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services http://bit.ly/15dkUgP
Harris County Healthcare Alliance http://bit.ly/XEr8CM
Harris Health System http://bit.ly/13qSZHv
Hope Family Health Center http://bit.ly/15dkUgP
Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) http://bit.ly/WXCNgb
Legacy Community Health Services http://bit.ly/15dkUgP
Memorial Hermann http://bit.ly/W7nnc6
Mental Health America of Texas http://bit.ly/YqBh3b
National Association of Social Workers (TX) http://bit.ly/15dkUgP
One Voice Central Texas http://bit.ly/UYJakI
The Perryman Group http://bit.ly/XtgOf2
Progress Texas www.ProgressTexas.org
Proyecto Azteca http://bit.ly/15dkUgP
Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network http://bit.ly/XuU7do
Teaching Hospitals of Texas http://bit.ly/XtnHwT
Texas Well & Healthy www.texaswellandhealthy.org
ADAPT of Texas* http://adaptoftexas.org/
Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation* http://www.alamobreastcancer.org/
Behavioral Health Alliance of Texas* http://bha-texas.org/
Center for Public Policy Priorities* http://www.cppp.org
Children’s Defense Fund – Texas* http://www.cdftexas.org/
Consumers Union, SW Regional Office* http://www.consumersunion.org/
Dallas Area Interfaith* http://www.dallasareainterfaith.com
Disability Rights Texas* http://www.disabilityrightstx.org
Easter Seals Central Texas* http://centraltx.easterseals.com
La Fe Policy Research and Education Center* http://www.lafepolicycenter.org
La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE)* http://www.lupenet.org
Methodist Healthcare Ministries* http://www.mhm.org
National MS Society – Lone Star* http://www.nationalmssociety.org/txh/home
Texans Care for Children* http://texanscareforchildren.org/
Texas AFL-CIO* http://www.texasaflcio.org
Texas Impact* http://texasimpact.org/
Texas Organizing Project* http://www.organizetexas.org
Texas Pediatric Society* https://txpeds.org
Texas Political Interest Research Group* http://www.texpirg.org
*Cover Texas Now is a coalition of consumer and Faith-based organizations that, as part of
their work to expand health care coverage in Texas, has endorsed Medicaid expansion.
Cover Texas Now Legislative Agenda http://bit.ly/WXyd1c
Limited/Qualified Support (3) Source
Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce http://bit.ly/15dkUgP
Texas Medical Association http://bit.ly/WeD0id
Texas Hospital Association http://bit.ly/158tn4P

Farrar Responds to Judge Emmett’s Support of Medicaid Expansion


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It’s Time for Texas to Support Medicaid Expansion

Texas Republican leaders have been quite vocal in opposing any expansion of Medicaid. Much talk from Republicans as a means of attempting to soften on Latinos has centered on immigration, but health care is as much a Latino issue as immigration reform; if anything, it is quite vital to the community.

According to the Texas Medical Association, there are 6.3 million uninsured Texans, including 1.2 million children. Of those, groups with a high likelihood of being uninsured are:  Poverty-stricken families; Hispanics; and young adults. And almost 40% of Hispanics live uninsured. And non-citizens have an even higher likelihood of being uninsured; in fact, 30% of the uninsured in Texas are non-citizens.

When one looks at cities around the state, the numbers become quite real:  Houston – 30%; Laredo – 36%; Dallas – 33%; McAllen – 32%; El Paso – 28%, the list goes on. Just 35 counties of the 254 in Texas account for 80% of the uninsured.

So, why are Texas Republicans against the uninsured? Expanding Medicaid will help over a million uninsured Texans. Billions of Federal dollars will be returned to Texas within a few years, and billions more in a ten-year period. Federal dollars means jobs–for doctors, nurses, other medical staff, and businesses who work in the field.

Republican Governors in New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, and Michigan now support expanding Medicaid. They have recognized the crisis, as well as the benefits of receiving Federal dollars that their taxpayers have invested. Public opinion and the opinion of Texas businesses are on the side of Medicaid expansion. It’s just the right thing to do to ensure more Texans have access to medical care, rather than only emergency room care that ends up being more costly and a less efficient use of resources.

One way or another, the taxpayers will foot the bill while Texas plays catch-up at becoming a healthier state. But when a responsible approach is available through Medicaid, then Texas should do the responsible thing.

My friends at Progress Texas are currently promoting an online petition in support of the Medicaid expansion. I’m asking you to sign the petition and support Texas doing the right thing.

DosCentavos will be doing more writing on health care and elder care in Texas. When it comes to health care, Texas is in crisis mode and Texans must come together, put politics aside, and do what is right. And when it comes to Elder Care, there’s no doubt that the lives of many of our viejitos and viejitas are at stake with decisions being made in Austin and Washington, D.C.

Sign the petition. Please.

Texans may also participate in Texas Medicaid Matters! Advocacy Day at the State Capitol on March 5, 2013. (Thanks to our friends at Texas Well and Healthy).

We are mobilizing to:

1)     Protect Medicaid for children and other vulnerable Texans.

2)     Extend Medicaid to low-income adults who qualify for it under the Affordable Care Act.

Get a schedule of events in PDF format here. DosCentavos will be blogging more about this advocacy day, too.