Culberson Kills LBJ DOE Bldg.

The effort to name the Department of Education building in DC after President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who signed the Higher Education Act 40 years ago, the President who began his career teaching little Chicano kids in Cotulla, Texas, has been killed by the GOP, led by Houston’s John Culberson.

The irony: Culberson supported the bill (even authored it) before he decided to be against it. Who are the flip-floppers now? We can’t even name something after the President who signed the Civil Rights Acts into law? And why? Because the Republicans are just plain arrogant. And obviously, they are not supporters of civil rights, equal rights, opportunity programs, or anything else President Johnson signed into law.

Write your member of Congress, tell them you are disgusted. Tell them you want this building named after LBJ.

You know what’s even worse? San Antonio Congressman Henry Bonilla is against it, too. The brown-skinned guy in the Republican Party that benefited more from Johnson’s policies than any other Republican is against it (I guess that now he forgets where he came from). Que pendejadas son esas?

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