McCaul and Cuellar Propose Private Prison Boondoggle

Update: For more on the CD28 Race, visit Andre’ Pineda’s posting (disabled).

Congressman Michael McCaul, along with “Democrats” Silvestre Reyes and one-termer, Henry Cuellar, have proposed what could end up being a private prison boondoggle: A Latino detention plan with no prison space and no funding. With a lack of jail space, it looks like we’re in for some growth in private prison contracts–what else could happen?

What’s in it for Reyes and Cuellar? Laredo and the surrounding area has always been prime real estate for private prisons–private prisons that have put small towns in debt and have left local governments at the beck and call of private prison management corporations; the worst managers of detention services.

“Prisons are very expensive to build. I think there are options we can use to temporarily detain these illegal aliens that cross,” McCaul said.

I wonder if Reyes and Cuellar would support the tents that their friend Tom DeLay has proposed? That’s until they get a private prison named for them, of course.

Here’s the big question: How does this fight terrorism? Mexican and other Latinos did not bring down the Murrah building in Oklahoma OR the Twin Towers, but Cuellar and McCaul target them, specifically. This only serves to further exploit a Republican wedge issue that is causing division in our nation. It’s wrong and we must fight against it!

Write your member of Congress and tell them to stop the divisive and Latino-targeted “Border Security Detention and Enforcement Act.” Oh yeah, and tell them to actually do their job and work on terrorism, instead of creating taxpayer-funded waste like private prisons.


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