Carlos Guerra on Chris Bell

The SA E-N’s Carlos Guerra gives the Democrat running for Governor, Chris Bell, some nice coverage.

“Where we find ourselves in our state’s history will be a tremendous issue,” he says, adding that he will offer innovative policy alternatives. “There is a stark contrast in those who tell people to stick their heads in the sand and be proud, and someone who says, ‘Let’s acknowledge that we’re in last place in way too many categories and it’s going to take bold leadership and new vision to turn it around.'”


“What’s frustrating to me is that when I grew up in Texas, people were proud and boastful; but it was because we really were a model for the rest of the country,” he concludes. “And if you look at the commitment our forefathers made to public education and higher learning, and health-care institutions and transportation, we were leading the way.”

Of course, it would seem like the Republicans want what those forefathers originally wanted: education for their few, and the rest can fend for themselves. But I can see where he’s trying to go with it. This artcle is surely a good shot of energy for the Bell Camp in South Texas.

Meanwhile, Bell continues to rack up endorsements, including the Houston Federation of Teachers.

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