Great Show…The After-Party Was Even Better!

Congrats to HCDP for a great event on Saturday night–over 340 Democrats packed Kim Son Restaurant and enjoyed good food, good Democrats, and great candidates. I’ll have more on the event later on Sunday after I take it all in–it was awesome!

The one HUGE thing was the “after-party.” About 50 or so Democratic stragglers that usually close down any given Dem event stuck around visiting and talking shop. Then the rumor started…”he’s coming…Senator Ellis is bringing him…stick around and you get to see and meet him…”

I was like, WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT??? Then my good friend Sandra P. told me. Needless to say, I was in shock. Here’s the pic of the surprise visitor.
Yeah, I must say I was so proud that my mom, Flora, got to meet the one man that caused one of the only major political arguments between her and my dad–Rev. Jesse Jackson. Mom voted Jesse in the ’88 primary and Dad stuck with Dukakis.

A major THANK YOU to Melissa Taylor, our new HCDP Political Director for snapping this shot, and another one that will get major usage on a certain campaign I’m currently managing.

One response to “Great Show…The After-Party Was Even Better!

  1. Oh ma gaud! Just how cool is that?

    I agree! What a GREAT event! It was a REAL class act.

    Kudos to Melissa and her crew!