Time for a Latino Boycott of the Democratic Party?

Thanks to CM Carol Alvarado who alerted us to a new ad by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee–“Secure“.

As you watch the ad, several messages go by regarding terrorism and the Bush administration’s failure to combat it. All of a sudden the message that Bush let in “millions more illegal immigrants” rolls by. So, now, it’s OK to equate immigration to terrorism? In that case, let’s call all Anglos in East Texas terrorists since they fit the description of those that brought down the Murrah Building in Oklahoma! While you’re at it, all the Republicans in Kingwood, too!

Enough is enough! They either remove this advertisement, or Latinos should boycott on November 7–NO VOTAMOS POR DEMOCRATAS!

Frankly, I am sick and tired of so-called Democrats pandering to racists who they think belong in the Democratic Party. Is this a sign that the Democratic Party is moving backwards?

Email the DSCC and tell them to stop the racism: info@dscc.org.

I would expect all Democratic Candidates, especially Barbara Radnofsky, to say something about it…NOW!

(In protest, I am removing all Dem candidate ads until the DSCC removes the ad)

Update: But BOR has the right idea too, but I’m way past angry at DSCC and just fed up with a Weak on Latinos Party–at least for now.

August 15, 2006

Senator Charles Schumer
Chair, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)120 Maryland Avenue NE Washington, DC 20002

Dear Senator Schumer,

As an elected official, a Democrat, and a Latino voter, I was surprised and disappointed at the new DSCC ad: “Secure.” Latinos in America are strong supporters of the Democratic Party. We are also respectable members of the American community. To liken Latino immigrants to bazooka toting terrorists not only undermines the positive relationship our Party has with this community but also lowers us to a despicable level as breeders of unfounded fear and hatred.

The Democratic Party does not have a history of securing votes by misleading Americans and I suggest we not start now. I urge you to remove this harmful advertisement from your website and rethink your position and strategy in the future.

The Democratic Party can only stand to lose by alienating millions of Latino voters.


Carol Alvarado
Houston City Council, District I

5 responses to “Time for a Latino Boycott of the Democratic Party?

  1. I agree, boycott the Dems, pero por favor que llevan Cuellar, Ortiz y Hinojoza con ustedes.

  2. Se nos esta llendo la legalizacion de las manos.. Ahora mas que nunca devemos unirnos y dejar la flojera a un lado.. Vota, become a Citizen, y si no puedes apoya los boycotts contra Kimberly Clark, Red Bull and Rock Star Energy Drink

  3. Democrats have never been for Latinos! They stand for nothing of Latino values.

  4. Huelga! Huelga! Huelga!

    It’s time for La Raza Unida to step up.

  5. How odd, I just saw this as I just finished my own post, Hispanics and the Democrat Party: Time for Fence Mending, but it is based on my own experience. Now I am thinking of changing my title and adding what you just posted. Screw the Dem Party. We have the power now, time to dust off the old La Raza Unida Party again.