Medellin to Serve as Poe Staffer

Noted Latino activist Stace Medellin of Kingwood has joined Ted Poe’s staff and will serve as his Latino Outreach Director. Said Poe, “As the debate over the illegal mes’kins begins, I need a Mexican on my corner than can effectively reach out to other Mes’kins that hate illegals.”

Poe added, “I want the illegal Mes’kins to know just how much I don’t want ’em here, so Stace will be able to deliver my anti-illegals message in Spanish; but that’s not to say I’m promoting bilingual education, which we all know is from the ghetto.”

Said Medellin, “Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”


4 responses to “Medellin to Serve as Poe Staffer

  1. Stace,

    Good for you! I’ve contacted Ted to sit on his education panel. Looking forward to us all working together–for the kids.

    Education Activist

  2. Dos Centavos

    Love you too, Mike! Why can’t we just all get along??

  3. Mike Engelhart


    Take my link off of your page!

    U have got to be kidding me! Is this some sort of jo . . ., uh, never mind.


  4. Stace, lookout! He’s got his hand in your pocket!