The Chron is a "family"?

James Campbell, the Chron reader rep., has a response to the online petition and letters sent in response to their pulling of the innovative, socio-political comic strip, La Cucaracha. And if you thought Jared Woodfill was full of it today, this response is just as full of sow’s innards as Jared.

I appreciate your inquiry regarding the Chronicle’s rationale for removing the comic strip La Cucaracha. In discussing the matter with our Features Department editors, I learned that the strip was frequently inappropriate for a family newspaper.

We often had to call the syndicate editor and request that the strip be modified or that they send a substitute strip because we deemed the language offensive not only to some Chronicle readers generally, but Latinos as well.

First of all, I wish Campbell and the Chron would give examples of the “language.” It certainly is not as ugly as some of the anti-Latino commentary they allow in their online “blogs.” The Chron response just does not make sense.

And just who is the Chron to decide what is “offensive” to Latinos? I find it more offensive when they publish comments from local racist electeds like Ted Poe, John Culberson, Michael Berry, and Jared Woodfill. Yet, families are spoon-fed this commentary, and Latinos must live with the continued backlash, as well. When will they stop this?

Of course they won’t stop it. It’s free speech.

So, where is Lalo Alcaraz’s right to free speech and free expression? Obviously, this is a corporate decision where excuses have been created to keep a politically aware Latino from expressing his views through his art.

No one ever whined and moaned about Gary Trudeau’s vivid anti-war commentary or other politically-pointed works. So, why is it when a Latino takes the debate to that same type of level, it’s not acceptable?

Really, it’s not like we’re not used to requiring Gringo-based acceptance in order to “make it.” But when it is truly earned, such as the case of Lalo Alcaraz, it is a travesty when corporate Gringos decide when one gets too good for his britches. What else could the real reason be?

We tell our Chicanitos/as that they can make it by working hard and playing by the rules. Mr. Campbell, what should we tell them when they notice that the Gringo simply just slaps us down whenever they decide we aren’t good enough…still? The Chron has a lot to learn about family; especially the Latino family.

One response to “The Chron is a "family"?

  1. Who does Jared Woodfill think he is fooling? “Border security” is the right-wing code word for “anti-wetback.”

    It isn’t bad enough that, if you look like an “illegal,” you can expect to be erroneously detained by the police, but Woodfill was shoveling pure mierda if he expects me to believe that the Texas Republican party has my interests in mind.

    The Republican controlled state legislature has repeatedly failed to address the issue of unequal school funding in Texas.