Thoughts on Viernes…09142007

Dia de la Independencia!

Rule #1: Mexican Independence Day is NOT a good reason to have a “grito contest.” El Grito is something with meaning, and not some drunken “ay-ay-ay!” Save that for the Latino frat house.

Losing? Dig Deeper!
The guy that Rick Noriega is going to beat for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate is digging deeper into his pockets. I cannot wait to see Watts’ report. If he needs another $4 mil, does that mean he already spent the first $4 mil? And just who got it? I’ll stick with the people-powered campaign. And so should you! Dig into your pockets and donate to Team Noriega today.

Football at UTSA?
The Student Body at UTSA voted 2 to 1 to increase student fees to fund a college football team. This should cause some excitement, but it may also cause college teams around the country to gasp in horror! San Antonio produces some of the top college prospect and is fertile recruiting ground. I’m looking forward to watching everything develop.

Fiestas Patrias Parade
I usually catch it on KHOU after it’s all done. Last year, I was quite sickened at the sight of all these ROTC groups marching down the street. With this war going on, the last thing I like to watch is future IED fodder, especially Latinos and Latinas who we need in college.

So, my Fiestas Patrias message to these young folks: Don’t Enlist…Enroll!

One response to “Thoughts on Viernes…09142007

  1. When kids sign up for ROTC, they do it because of tradition as much as to get out of gym class. Latinos have a proud military history. W has f’d up the military but we must always remind everyone of the sacrifices Latinos continue to make out of duty and honor for this country. Yes, I am the proud daughter of a veteran. There are still people out there who want to be soldiers and defend our country. Let’s just get them to wait until January 20, 2009 to enlist.