DSCC Sucks…

…money from Houston Democrats!

Coby has more on this.

I’d like to remind readers AND Democrats AND Office Holders AND the DSCC that we haven’t forgotten that idiotic anti-immigrant ad the DSCC posted on their website. Here are some posts from that time to remind all of you (just keep scrolling down).

Basically, the ad was titled, “Security,” and in talking about “security” they took a page out of the Republican playbook and showed a future New American climbing over a fence into the U.S. So, I guess that made Latinos terrorists?

Some good people answered back and the DSCC pulled the web-ad. Still, it just goes to show that their idea of a winning the “majority” entails saying anything. Let’s not have that happen in 2008 because we have a Democrat running for Senate in Texas that can win…Rick Noriega.

Chances are he’ll be attacked by the GOP for some of his positions on the issue and the DSCC, the DNC and any other “D” group better respond, especially with money. Otherwise, they should stay out of Texas and support their anti-immigrant majoritarians, like John Tester and Claire McCaskill.

(I’m sure some Dems will be mad at this post, but dammit, they need to know that we take actions like that personally. And Latinos do feel taken for granted when the DSCC does whatever it wants. No! They need to know how we feel! Better they find out now than at the end of Election Night 2008!)

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