Kuff: Farrar is Clear Choice

Looks like battle lines are being drawn for HD148 in which incumbent Jessica Farrar is being challenged. It’s easy to say that primary challenges are good, that perhaps they wake up the voters, etc. But why challenge a progressive candidate with a proven record?

As Kuff tells us: More than that, Jessica Farrar represents my beliefs as well as any member of the House. I thought she had a great session this past year, standing up time and again for things that needed a champion. She fought for the HPV vaccine, after many of her colleagues suddenly and temporarily became concerned with the Governor overreaching his powers and used that as an excuse to demagogue against women’s health. She was a leader in the fight against a genuine and pernicious power grab by the Governor on Homeland Security. She fought for clean air. On issue after issue, she voted the way I would have voted, and was up front about it.

We cannot say this much about most incumbents in the Texas House, and as progressives, we must keep those who believe in what we believe in office. I’ll have to agree with Kuff on this one.

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