HoustonRodeo Wants to Kill Tejano?

As the local media and HoustonRodeo attempts to make themselves “Latino-friendly” (this only happens when money is made from Latinos, otherwise, we’re a liability), they still seem to miss the point.

The head shit-kicker in charge of the Rodeo mouthed off with this comment: “The very vast majority of the Hispanic community knows that this is a subterfuge to try to keep a dying music industry alive.”

So, now, they know how we feel? KHOU reported during the 10PM news that the same shit-kicker (Leroy Shafer) stated that “surveys” were done at the door asking what kind of music was preferred and “only 3% preferred Tejano.” Well, when HoustonRodeo is surveying fans of non-Tejano music, what do you expect?

And the comment itself is exactly what Latinos have had to deal with historically. Because it’s a very white world, they get to decide which music and culture lives? I’ll go further and say it was quite a bigoted comment.

If there is a subterfuge going on, it’s from HoustonRodeo. They avoided the main points of the protest. It wasn’t just about music, but also about fair pay for Latino/Tejano acts, equity in scholarship opportunities, and equitable representation on Rodeo committees. Gringos will avoid facts in favor of profits made from taking advantage of whole communities.

No, HoustonRodeo has made it quite clear: Latinos need only give them money. Keep your comments and ideas at home.

Here’s an idea: How about a Chicano/Tejano music festival next year (same time as HoustonRodeo)? Get a nice venue, get some corporate sponsors, get 3 or 4 bands, and then get 5,000 or more folks.

4 responses to “HoustonRodeo Wants to Kill Tejano?

  1. Dos Centavos

    Here’s another definition I found: “Shitkickers” are construction boots, large boots in general, or cowboy boots, or the cowboy himself (particularly if the person wearing the cowboy boots does not actually herd cattle).

    Bola de pendejos calling Mexicanos racist, as if we have the power to be racist.

  2. Dos Centavos

    What’s so “racial” about shit-kicker?

    I don’t care if you’re black, brown or white, if you’re pretending to be a cowboy, you’re shit-kicker. Get it straight, pendejo!

  3. The problem, of course, is that Tejano music is not the choice of the vast majority of the local Hispanic community any more. It is instead the music of Mexico, due to the high rate of immigration (and much of that illegal).

    I suppose that you could complain about that demographic change — but that would be rather hypocritical, given the way you excoriate others who object to the changes brought about by illegal immigration.

    Oh, and about that racial slur there — head shit-kicker in charge? I can just imagine your response to the use of a similar slur directed at a leading Hispanic. Maybe hypocrisy is your thing after all.

  4. From the gist of what I read in the Chronicle, it looks like they just want to “change the name to protect the profits.” That is, sounds like they will switch from having “go Tejano” to “Hispanic music” day. One whole day! Woo Hoo! 😉

    That would be a little more inclusive, but does not address the other issues.