Six Months To Go…

As Muse pointed out recently, we just passed the 6-month mark. We’ve got 6 months of work, fundraising, campaigning, wine n’ cheese, incumbentless debates, and Republican community newspapers to win an election–on our terms!

It’s time for folks to turn off the over-analysis on Clinton/Obama, put away their newspapers covering C/O, and just tune into local politics. We’ve got some major races to win.

We have several opportunities to put a Democratic majority into place at the TEXAS House. And with the crop of candidates I’ve met, thus far, we have the makings of a real majority–and not just one that boasts “Ds” next to their names. Actual, hard-working, proud-to-be Democrats!

Then, we also have the Countywides who will need every vote in the County. We need to win and win big!

Folks, you really don’t know how important this election is. If you think a Clinton or an Obama is the answer to our problems, then you are so far off the mark. All politics is local. So local that we even have to support those of us running for School Board, or for the College Trustees, or even our Fresh Water Board or MUD District. When those of us in the blogosphere talk about “running everywhere,” we really do mean it.

The Democratic Primary showed us something. We can win. We have the numbers to win those small local elections. And that’s where it all begins.

So, let’s remember that the local campaigns need you more than Clinton and Obama do. Because, either way, we’re supporting either one of them. And we need to support the rest of our ticket, too!

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