Napolitano Not So Good A Choice

It looks like Barack Obama wants to save Gov. Janet Napolitano from political oblivion. Although she’s taken some good positions on immigration, at other times, she’s supported enforcement-only approaches that simply will not work. She seems to be running for re-election from both sides of the issue, which some may call pragmatic, but I would call two-faced.

Some are already worried about the ramifications of appointing a Democratic governor–again, they are more concerned about numbers than policy. The bottom line is that Napolitano is in targeted for a beating by Republicans, and they will use immigration for all it’s worth. Can she win?

I’m not completely convinced that Napolitano would be good for the immigration issue at Homeland Security, given how she shifts positions based on the political winds. Immigration is a tough issue and we need someone who is tough and won’t allow Republicans to dictate enforcement-only approaches that hurt our economy and hurt families and children.

Not only that, I am beginning to wonder what direction Obama is headed on the issue.

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