Houston First: A Noble Notion

Houston Mayoral hopeful Annise Parker’s Houston First proposal seems like a nice idea. Ensuring that Houstonians are hired by contractors, instead of only using non-local contractors, could be easier to work with, would reduce housing costs that are built into budgets for outside crews and other costs.

The one point I do like is this one.

To the extent allowed by law, city government jobs should go first to applicants who live in Houston, according to Parker’s proposal, and mayoral appointees to boards and commissions also should come from within city limits.

In past years the city has had police chiefs and lesser-known workers who lived outside the boundaries.

Heck, I’d even go so far as ensuring that city employees not only reside in the city limits, but also VOTE here. I know of at least one major city employee that still votes back in Arizona.

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