Kudos to Dem Senators in the Fight for Democracy

While the Chron lends credence to the Republican voter suppression cause by acknowledging of 24 “dead voters” who were cleared from the voter rolls prior to 2000, a couple of experts have solidified the argument against voter suppression: Undocumented folks are not voting and this whole voter suppression movement is just a sham to re-visit Texas’ racist history.

Meanwhile, Democratic members of the Texas Senate, such as Leticia Van de Putte, Eliot Shapleigh, John Whitmire, Judith Zaffarini, Rodney Ellis, Watson from Austin, and others have been doing a great job of slicing up the Republican “facts” with surgical precision. Of course, it would help of the people of Texas would listen to real facts, instead of talking the made-up Republican line of “fraud” that does not even exist.

Ultimately, the Republican solution to 24 dead voters is the disenfranshisement of thousands of voters–as much as 8% of the electorate.

Why doesn’t the Chron report this fact? I guess they just don’t report the finer points–or the use of the Voter Rights Act as toilet paper.

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