Thoughts on Viernes…05012009

The Voto Latino Faux Pas
On Thursday, this blogger received a Facebook message from what appeared to be the GOTV group VotoLatino in support of Emanuel Pleitez, the young guy running for Congress to replace Hilda Solis. It was a beggin-4-dollars email, too. Later on, I received another email from said GOTV group stating, “today, our Facebook integrity was violated when an outside party obtained access to the Voto Latino account.”

So, someone got into the account, or simply made a list of those who are on their Facebook list. Either way, they misrepresented Voto Latino. Whether Pleitez actually did it, or it is blamed on one of his “unpaid staffers,” is yet to be revealed. Either way, it’s not a good way to run for office. DosCentavos is rooting for Gil Cedillo, the experienced candidate in the race.

VotoLatino is credited with helping increase the young Latino vote, so, when I got the Pleitez e-mail, I was a bit upset. I’m sure glad they cleared it up because their Executive Director Maria Teresa Petersen is one of Latino-doms’ better representatives on CNN and MSNBC blab shows.

Toni Lawrence’s Mouth
I always say that if you said it, you meant it. So, when Councilmember Toni Lawrence blurted out “The child was not a United States citizen,” when complaining about sick children being brought to our world-renowned Medical Center, it really did not sit well with, well, me. Frankly, anyone who blames immigrants and Latinos for anything is the enemy, in my book.

State Rep. Carol Alvarado, a former Council Member and Mayor Pro-Tem stated, “Those comments are misplaced and inappropriate when our focus should be on treating people and stopping the spread of this illness.”

But NCLR’s Janet Murguia said it in DC style: “It’s not surprising that some are implying that all immigrants are a threat to our health,” the group’s president, Janet Murguia, said in a prepared statement. “That’s standard fare on the hate group circuit.”

Try to take that out of context, CM Lawrence!

Souter’s Retiring…Time for a Chicana
Justice Souter, the surprise progressive on the Supreme Court, is said to be retiring at the end of the current term. So, early in his first term, President Obama will have his first appointment to the Supremes. And this blogger agrees that a woman should be appointed to join Justice Ginsberg, a Chicana. The “Hispanic” name being tossed around is Sonia Sotomayor; however, she’s been a Bush appointee and is considered a “centrist.” I think the President needs to dig a little deeper than a judge suggested to Dumbya. And Latinos/Chicanos shouldn’t just settle for the first name out of the chute.

Carlos Guerra Interviews SA Hospital District Director
Carlos has a great interview of Dr. Fernando Guerra, the head of San Antonio’s Hospital District. Dr. Guerra gives us a dose of reality:

When the new virus was finally typed, the statistics in Mexico made it look extremely ferocious.

“Their cases were the ones sick enough to be hospitalized, giving the impression that swine flu is causing the deaths of a lot of people,” he explains. “What is not recognized is that thousands probably had flulike illnesses and got better.”

Because of its high contagiousness, its pandemic potential was recognized almost immediately. And almost as immediate were the reminders of the “Spanish” flu pandemic of 1918 that claimed millions of lives.

Seldom mentioned, however, is that there were no antiviral drugs then and that the array of antibiotics to treat bacterial complications was limited.

“And people were infected with other diseases that affected their immune system,” Guerra observes, “chronic diseases like tuberculosis and other conditions that were prevalent at the time.”

May 1 Rally, Vigil, & Film
From the Chronicles: This May 1, immigrant advocates in major U.S. cities are planning marches and rallies to show support for a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

In Houston, organizers have scheduled a vigil from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Mickey Leland Federal Building downtown, at 1919 Smith. Directly afterward, a caravan will head to the Rice Media Center to view Jesse Salmeron’s 2007 film This Is America, a story of a family impacted by an immigration raid. (Jesse is a DC VIP on the DC Facebook Album).

This is America is a must-see!

One response to “Thoughts on Viernes…05012009

  1. Texano78704

    I guess Alberto Gonzales wasn’t available.

    Sotomayor was a Bush Sr. appointee, like Souter. But frankly, if the WSJ calls you a “liberal,” and an “activist” judge, you probably are doing something right.

    As for Toni Lawrence, even if you give her the benefit of the doubt on what she was trying to say, it’s all bad any way. The irony is that people like her are probably the ones that advocate “small government,” while trying to micro-manage.