Thoughts on Viernes…06122009


Believe me, I understand the whole analog to digital transition as I feel like I’ve been going through the same thing with my Blogspot to WordPress transition.  No, I didn’t have to set up a phone hotline with Kuff, Greg, Martha, John, and Perry as my experts answering questions, but I still had to deal with folks still going to my blogspot page, which I won’t be taking down for a while–at least until people get used to the new locale.  I hope you all have enjoyed our new home, thus far!

And She’s Not Even Mayor Yet!

Future Mayor Annise Parker has not even been elected yet and already the first head seems to be rolling right out of here.  Chief Harold Hurtt is supposedly a finalist for the Chief job in San Francisco.  Gavin Newsom is stealing him away.  Obviously not a favorite of Parker’s, Chief Hurtt hasn’t been too bad a Chief.  But when Mayor White supercedes your law enforcement expertise and calls in the Feds to “Migra-ize” the local jail, it’s time to move on.  I figure, if Chief Hurtt really wanted to be a Fed, he’d be working at ICE.  We need to take criminals–with or without papers–off the street, not your hard-working day laborer/head of family.

Shhhh! It’s A Secret!

You know, when you keep secrets, they usually come out.  Houston ISD is going to be quite deliberate in keeping their Superintendent search a secret.  In other words, they will pick one finalist, and then give him to you.  But, folks, we’re in Houston!  No one can keep a secret!  I guess the argument will be that the folks on the Board have been elected, therefore, entrusted to make the choice for the constituents.  Still, Houston is huge and we’ve got plenty of constituencies.  I just hope it’s not military hack who wants to turn our schools into federal prisons.  Soon after, he might “migra-ize” them!


Saturday is Run-Off Election Day for District H.  Vote Ed Gonzalez!

More Later!

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