District H Results: 8PM Update

8:10PM Looks like two boxes have been counted. New Results.

  • Ed Gonzalez         1520–63.28%
  • Maverick Welsh         882–36.72%

Ed Gonzalez amassed a strong-early lead after absentee and early ballots were counted.

  • Ed Gonzalez         1427 (428 mail)–63.68%
  • Maveric Welsh         814   (360 mail)–36.32%

Ed Gonzalez proved much stronger during the early voting period, as he tallied 999 votes to Welsh’s 454.

Updates as they come.  DosCentavos was the only area blog (and political strategist) to predict an increase in participation in this run-off.  As is usually the case, run-off participation can sometimes reduce to half or less of the regular election; however, something told this blogger that things could increase.  The final tally isn’t out yet, so, we will have to see.

Stay tuned…

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