Community Leaders Give Early Nod to Parker

NOTE:  This informational post is from June 23, 2009. 

Houston Mayoral candidate Annise Parker earned the early endorsement of 56 precinct chairs.

“These endorsements are especially significant to me as they come from communities throughout Houston,” said Parker.  “It will take all of us to keep our city moving forward in these tough times, and I am grateful to have the support of these local leaders.”

The diverse group of community leaders includes those who are leaders in their own right in their professions, including folks from the education, science, legal, business, and higher education communities.  I couldn’t help but notice a couple from my neck of the woods in Kingwood, including my big sis Sylvia and one of the chiefs of my favorite non-Kingwood group, ROADWomen, Charlotte Coffelt.  There’s even one pesky blogger-slash-precinct chair on the list.

NOTE:  This informational post is from June 23, 2009. 

For your review, here’s the list:

Rey Rodriguez, Precinct 1
Vicki Bellow, Precinct 5
Mary McWhorter, Precinct 7
Gloria Moreno, Precinct 9
Scott Harbers, Precinct 32
Dennis Fetters, Precinct 34
Bill Galbraith, Precinct 37
Rose Day, Precinct 38
C. Brian Keever, Precinct 39
Lorna Joyce, Precinct 52
David Robinson, Precinct 57
Harold Landreneau, Precinct 59
Margaret Hall, Precinct 60
Richard Cantu, Precinct 105
James Robertson, Precinct 113
Catherine Tarte, Precinct 129
Jim Owens, Precinct 134
Mark Knight, Precinct 137
Tasso Triantaphyllis, Precinct 139
Sheryl Roppolo, Precinct 141
Teresa Herrin, Precinct 146
Ella Tyler, Precinct 176
Lawrence Clark, Precinct 180
Andrew Lopez, Precinct 211
Susie Moreno, Precinct 231
Pam Rea, Precinct 262
Julian Byrd, Precinct 269
Rodney E. Haper, Precinct 426
Betty Keller, Precinct 372
Ron Rea, Precinct 282
Buddy Hooper, Precinct 298
Jerry Wald, Precinct 317
John Martin, Precinct 336
Jim Porter, Precinct 356
Linda King, Precinct 391
Lois Moseley, Precinct 409
Marco Kesson, Precinct 429
Jarrett Smith, Precinct 439
Farrukh Shamsi, Precinct 441
Leif C. Hatlen, Precinct 461
Felicity Pereyra, Precinct 493
Rosana Turbay, Precinct 500
Stephanie Hrabar, Precinct 505
Melissa Rodgers, Precinct 558
Richard Cole, Precinct 577
Jacqueline Potter, Precinct 594
Kristen Capps, Precinct 631
Sylvia Medellin, Precinct 635
John Cobarruvias, Precinct 699
Sharon Messa, Precinct 710
Sherrie Matula, Precinct 721
Charlotte Coffelt, Precinct 760
Tommy Schlitzberger, Precinct 801
Robert Connor, Precinct 848
Mary Schlett, Precinct 270
Sarah Gonzales, Precinct 395

NOTE:  This informational post is from June 23, 2009.  

The excitement of the mayoral races is building up, now that we’ve gotten past the District H Special Election.  Sure, you’re being attacked by judicial candidates wanting signatures (and 2010 is going to be quite exciting), but we need to make sure the right people get elected as Mayor and Council Members. So, stay tuned to these races.


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