Get in on the DREAM…Mason Park Event

This from America Para Todos chief, Cesar Espinosa regarding the Houston DREAM Act Coalition:

On Tuesday June 23rd at 3:30p.m. at Mason Park, DREAM Act Advocates community leaders and community advocates will be holding A DREAM Act Awareness event. This event will coincide with a National Day of Action in support of the DREAM Act. Texas is sending some Delegates to take part in the National Day of Action in Washington D.C. It is for this reason that we are looking to hold this very important action here in Houston to Coincide with the National Action. We are calling on the Houston Community to raise their voice and Stand up for the DREAM Act who would legalize about 2 Million students around the United States. Together we can make the DREAM Act a Reality.

What: DREAM Act Awareness Day Rally
When: Tuesday June 23rd 4:00p.m.
Where: Mason Park Houston, TX (75th and Tipps)
Why: Support the National Day of Action for the DREAM Act
Visuals: If you can please wear your cap and gown to symbolize all the undocumented students graduating from high school and college.

Thank you for your support! Hope to see you there!!!!

For more info please e-mail us at or call (281)225-4037 (FIEL Office)

Houston DREAM Act Coalition is a coalition of organizations aimed at promoting education and awareness about the DREAM Act in the greater Houston Area.

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