Radnofsky Announces for Attorney General

Barbara Ann Radnofsky will be making a run for Texas Attorney General in 2010.  BAR is the first out of the chute and begins with more resources than most possible contenders.

“I have a statewide organization, thousands of donors, and an experienced team of campaign professionals working with me. Texans are fed up with their interests taking a back seat to partisanship and next year it’ll show at the polls,” she concluded.

Of course, Radnofsky built this organization from the ground-up without being a current officeholder.  Most of the names  being tossed around are elected folks, but hardly have much of a base on which to begin a statewide run. And Radnofsky continued building her base even after 2006.  Now, she can really start campaigning on the issues, while building upon her warchest.

“Our statewide leaders aren’t fighting for us; they’re fighting for themselves and their own personal agendas. We’ve seen how the Attorney General can harm our everyday lives: our electric bills, the insurance and taxes we pay, the safety of our children. We need an Attorney General who will use her skills to make sure all Texans get the protection they deserve,” Radnofsky said.

Of course, anything can happen between now and December.  Perhaps some rich guy will announce. Perhaps some current regional officeholder will jump in.  Who knows?  For now, anyone else that announces will have to play some catch-up.

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