Locke Adds Pros To Campaign

Already running an impressive and aggressive campaign, Houston Mayoral candidate Gene Locke has added some big-time staffers to his team to advise the campaign.

Joining the Locke team are Christian Archer, a veteran of numerous winning political campaigns, as Campaign Manager, and Kim Devlin, a seasoned political professional and native of Houston, as Senior Advisor.

Archer has a strong history of creating winning campaign strategies for many Texas campaigns. In addition to helping former Austin Mayor Will Wynn and Houston Mayor Bill White get elected, he was a key force in the landslide win of former San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger. Archer’s most recent victory was for Julian Castro, the newly elected mayor of San Antonio, who won his campaign in May without a run-off in a field of nine candidates.

Devlin who will be advising Locke on media and press, has over a decade of experience serving as campaign manager, senior strategist, advisor and communications consultant on numerous winning national, state and local campaigns across the country. Kim is a native Houstonian, who began her career working with many Texas candidates, including former Houston Mayor Lee Brown’s campaign in 1997. She most recently served as a senior strategist for communications and outreach for Media Matters for America, the nation’s premier progressive media watchdog.

“The addition of these two well recognized professionals at this stage of the campaign affords us an important opportunity to take advantage of the momentum our campaign has garnered,” Locke said. “Christian and Kim will bring an increased sense of excitement to the whole team and I am thrilled to have them on board.”

With three major candidates in the running, the winner will be determined by a combination of things.  As big as Houston is, voters still love retail politics and the three campaigns have been doing a good job of visiting just about anyone that gives them an opportunity to do their sales-job.  Obviously, though, when you campaign to a million or so voters, media will need to play a part.  All of the campaigns have impressive advising teams, so let’s see what kind of battle we see in the media and in our mail boxes.

Update:  Looks like Campos has some additional information.  While Locke announced the additions, there wasn’t an announcement of the subtractions.  Our local e-mail communicator also let one of the above-referenced staffers have it.  I’m not too well versed in the past, although I do know the work of the other guy.  Nonetheless, I would agree with the notion that bringing in outsiders isn’t necessarily a good thing.  One needs to know how to communicate with and energize all Houstonians, and some of us locals have some know-how.  Of course, since I live outside of the loop, I’m considered an outsider, too–doofs!

As I always say, “A ver que pasa.”

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