Schumer: Undocumented is too soft; Supports National ID

Chuck Schumer should be the last Democrat carrying the banner for comprehensive immigration reform.  Instead of talking policy, he’s talking rhetoric…and making it worse!

Schumer said the environment to rework immigration laws is much better now because Americans are looking for resolution and Republicans recognize “they are headed nowhere” if they can’t improve in the polls with Hispanic voters.

He said Democrats have to toughen their position.

“I’ve told the advocates we have to come down hard on illegal immigration,” Schumer said. “I say illegal immigrants. Two years ago Democrats said undocumented workers, which made people say, `Hmm. Maybe Democrats don’t think it’s bad to be an illegal immigrant.”

Schumer said issuing fraud-resistant cards to all Americans wanting a job and harshly punishing employers who hire someone without one would help stem the flow of illegal immigrants. The cards would have an electronic identifier or biometric, such as fingerprints.

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