Thoughts on Viernes…06262009

Bill White w/ Chairman Birnberg Looking On

Bill White w/ Chairman Birnberg Looking On


I think we’ve all read DC lately and my criticisms of Mayor White on the whole 287(g) thing.  This week has been another tough one for him and it did not take long for the criticism to begin with divisive words, such as “sanctuary city” and “amnesty” being thrown around by both the nativists and the media.  The national media didn’t help much by reporting on President Obama’s immigration efforts while the film rolling shows a few migrants jumping a fence.  Mayor White did respond this week to the criticism quite effectively.

The mayor said federal authorities need more effective programs for removing immigrants convicted of serious crimes, something that would require comprehensive immigration reform.

And that is exactly the message I have been sending in my criticism of 287(g).  Although Officer Canales’ killer had lots of traffic tickets, 287(g) would not have been able to stop this senseless crime.  But if we had comprehensive immigration reform, chances are he would not have been allowed to stay because of his prior deportation.  We need a complete policy, and not just a band-aid.

Last night, Mayor White spoke to the Harris County Democratic Party’s precinct chairs and he was as impressive as ever.  A strong speech.  I realized that we need a strong ticket-topper, someone who can nagivate policy in the U.S. Senate, but especially someone who can excite the base.  I cannot say that his Democratic opponent in what might be a special election does that for me.  Some call Bill White “too conservative,” but I know where he stands; especially on the hot button issues.  He’s never been afraid to say how he feels, or seek whatever solutions are available.  Last night’s speech was just another example of the kind of talk Texans need to hear.  So, DosCentavos proudly endorses my Mayor, Bill White for U.S. Senate.

More Later…

Yes, More About Mike

Today, I’ve seen some nasty blog-posts and comments about the late Michael Jackson.  I’ve had just about enough whining.  These are the same people that probably spend some nights phoning in their votes for the talentless on those reality shows.  Well, one of my favorite columnists in San Antonio had a really good and balanced article today on Jackson.  Here’s Cary Clack.

I know that in his later years he became a caricature of himself and an easy punch line. His name, had he lived to be 100, always would be tainted with the allegations of child molestation.

He settled out of court in one case and was acquitted in another. I remain disturbed by the allegations but I don’t know if he was guilty. That’s now between him and his God.

But on this evening, in these hours, in these days to come I don’t want to think about the things about Michael Jackson that puzzled and saddened me. I want to think about the joy and whoops of amazement he inspired.

A Correction

Campos had something nice to say about Jackson, and he also corrected himself about any subtractions to the Locke campaign.  I’m glad. I know a couple of the guys on the campaign and they’re doing a really good job.

Tejanos For Hunger:  A Jacko-Inspired Thing

In January, 1985 Michael Jackson got a bunch of artists together to record “We Are the World.”  Eight months later, inspired by Jackson’s feat, the Tejano Music industry (a rather competitive bunch) got together to record a CD in which proceeds were donated to local anti-hunger charities. This was the result (a little grainy, but good memories).

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