Looks Like We’ve Got Ourselves a Carpetbagger

Outgoing City Councilmember Toni Lawrence is moving to my Precinct 4 for the purpose of running for County Commissioner.  She’s hoping Jerry EversTole rides off into the sunset in his golf cart, apparently.

So, is she a carpetbagger, or just a plain ol’ republican political opportunist? And would traditional voters take kindly to her move?  I mean, Republicans in my neck of the wood are so ready to offer some more familiar names.  I’m thinking even a certain other former City Councilwoman for District E may be interested.  Of course, that former Councilwoman is a Latina, and Republicans in my neck of the woods don’t seem to vote for that species–even in their own Party.

Lawrence said she and her husband long have planned to move to northwest Harris County near the Champions Golf Club off FM 1960, where her husband likes to play. In the meantime, she said, she will be putting their home on the market and moving to the rancher, which should be vacated by its previous tenants any day.

Why the rush? The Texas Election Code requires Lawrence to live in Precinct 4 for at least six months prior to the January filing deadline for the Republican primary.

That means she’d live close to the nuttiest of the GOP, Riddle and HarTless.  Looks like some competition for those in my neck of the woods.

Of course, Toni Lawrence earned some notoriety for some anti-Latino comments after she mistook a well-off Mexican kid for one of those “illegals” Republicans get off on blaming for everything.  Sure, that may play well in Precinct 4, but her comments were just inhumane.  If she feels that way about migrant children receiving medical help, that means she’ll try to shut the doors down to any child in need. It’s the Republican way.

Any good Democrats interested in running?

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