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Happy 4th of July

On this day, I join various groups, including National Council of La Raza, in reminding our elected officials that there are 12 million people waiting to become “official’ Americans who need your help.  It’s time for the DREAM Act and it’s time for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Whatever Democrats we lose in the Senate, we’ll gain from moderate republicans to get to the 60 votes.  We just need to TRY.

Mayor White vs HPOU…again!

Looks like the HPOU continues their crusade to arrest any and all Latinos. Apparently, only Latinos are wanting to kill cops, if one is to take HPOU seriously.  Thanks to Mayor White for standing up to them, sticking to the order, and remaining committed to effective law enforcement practices, rather than reactionary and politically motivated band-aids.

Let’s Take Care of Our Viejecitos

This story of the death of elderly twins from the effects of the sweltering heat saddened me this morning.  Many times, economics plays a role in why the elderly do not turn on their A/C, or in this case, even a box fan.  We need to do a better job of taking care of our elderly.  While there are some good programs locally, there are some who cannot leave their homes.  As individuals, we need to do our part and look out for our neighbors and friends during this hot summer.

And perhaps we should be demanding something from our utility companies to ensure that the elderly aren’t stuck in overheated homes because of the high cost of using cooling systems.

Walter’s Break

Many of you received e-mails and other messages regarding college student Walter Lara who was set to be deported.  Apparently, Lara didn’t even know he was not a U.S. Citizen, having been brought here by parents who wanted a better life.  Such is the story of San Antonio’s Benita Veliz.  And it is also the story of thousands more children who have only known the United States as their home.  These are American kids–English speakers, intelligent, etc.

I commend the efforts of various groups who put Walter Lara on the map.  A mix of legislative meandering, as well as social networking (Twitter and Facebook) helped this kid.  Let’s help 65,000 more, and while we’re at it, let’s just help the 12 million others, too!

There Was a Special Session?

Yep, and 30 hours later, it is over.  And Voter ID was left out. Whew!

Cuatro de Julio

Doing anything for the 4th?  DosCentavos will be hanging out with his Kingwood Area Democrats.  We’ll be participating in the Kingwood Parade.  What many folks don’t know is that KAD has been around for 15 years now, gathering Dems, enlightening folks, and even changing minds.  So, this parade will be special.  Even more exciting is our picnic.  Go to for more information.

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