NHPO Survey #2–A Snapshot of Online Activism

Just received the National Hispanic Professional Organization’s results to its online survey.  Once again, survey participants chose Annise Parker as their choice for Mayor.  We also got a snapshot of the other races on the City of Houston ballot.

Now, this wasn’t a scientific result, but I do believe it shows just how involved the campaigns have been online.  As Parker’s results show, and as I stated previously, her online presence is evident with such a large lead.  From my own observations, I did not see much online action from the others in the race regarding this survey.

I believe the same goes in At-Large #1  for the Derr campaign, although the Litt campaign continues to show its presence through social media, especially Facebook.  At-Large #4 shows a narrow race.  One must remember that we have a previous City Council candidate taking on a big ballot and news name, so this is one race the media should begin to give attention.

While some may criticize this survey, let’s call it what it is. A mere snapshot. Sure, there may be ways to add some more controls to the survey to make it more “scientific” (and in this day, more cell phones and less home phones make phone surveys just as ineffective).  So, let’s call it what it is:  a survey of likely voters who are well-educated, and active online.  Besides, it can be fun to watch campaigns get activated and flexing that social media muscle.

For the second time this year, Annise Parker holds a commanding lead (66.5%) over Gene Locke (19.2%) in the July 2009 Houston City Elections Survey. Parker has gained 18% among the 1011 likely voters who answered the question- “If the election were held today, who would be your choice for Mayor of Houston”.

Vote for Mayor
PARKER 670 66.3%
LOCKE 194 19.2%
BROWN 128 12.7%
MORALES 19 1.9%

In the May, 2009 NHPO Survey, Parker had 48.8% Locke 29.6%, Brown 13.9%, and Morales 7.7%.

On the question- “Who would you like to see run for Mayor?”
Sylvester Turner 43.5%
Robert Eckels 26.9%
Orlando Sanchez 18.0%
Bill King 11.6%

On the question- “Who would you vote for City Controller?”
Ronald Green 53.7%
Pam Holm 33.0%
MJ Khan 13.3%

The #1 issue among voters in the Controllers race was the Economy 25.4% followed by Infrastructure 21%.

On the question- “of who would you vote for in At-Large #1?)
DERR 44.2%
LITT 17.3%

Derr has a lead with all ethnic, except with Hispanics and with gender groups in this survey.

On the question- In At-Large #2 race
LOVELL (I) 75.4%
BURKS 17.4%
Shorter 7.2%

On the question- In the at-Large #4
GREEN 17.5%

On the question- In the at-Large #5
Jones (I) 70.4%
Obando 29.6%

3 responses to “NHPO Survey #2–A Snapshot of Online Activism

  1. I find it hard to believe that Morales only gets a token amount, yet 18% would like to Sánchez run for mayor. Does Orlando know where the bodies are buried?

    • Morales has a record of being anti-Latino, while Orlando has played the “Love me, I’m Latino” card when it is convenient for him. Either way, voters for either of them are stuck on stupid.

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