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The Problem with Blue Dogs is…

…Rahm Emanuel and the DCCC has allowed them to exist, and now, take over.  Because of them, not only are we having problems with health care and immigration reform, they are definitely affecting women’s reproductive rights, especially affecting the ability for poor women to have access to health services.  I said Rahm Emanuel was and is trouble, and I regret the day I spent $150 to hear his clap-trap at the local Dem dinner.  He needs to go!

Of course, the question I’ll get is:  What happens when we lose them?  Well, the way they are, they aren’t worth much when it counts.  And if we lose them, it’s because they didn’t have the fortitude (intestinal and otherwise) to make themselves count when it really mattered.  A numerical majority means nothing when we can’t use it.

In case you’re wondering who the Blue Balls Dogs are, here they are.

Go to College!!!

Closing the Gaps has been around since 2000, and with 6 years left to close the gaps, we still have to double Hispanic enrollment. Enrollment has increased, but staying in is the biggest challenge.  The value of financial aid continues to decrease as tuition and fees increase, more students are being forced to work more hours to supplement their aid (thus affecting their financial aid eligibility and graduating on time), and worse, our continually de-funded public school system is not preparing students for college.  On top of that, there is little commitment to community colleges from the state because community college systems are their own taxing entities.  We cannot close the gap without a commitment to a combination of things.  What’s the use of increasing admissions when we can’t graduate them?

Who Uses Toll Roads Most?

I would think its truckers and suburban folks.  So, the fact that the state wants to give AMNESTY to them for not paying their delinquent tolls is a disturbing development.  Here’s an idea:  Texas and large cities like Houston need a local income tax that targets those suburbanites that live outside of the city limits but travel into the city, thus damaging our streets, overusing our infrastructure, etc.  They don’t pay enough! (And it works in Philadelphia!).

Vasquez Reassigns Corrupt Aide

From Lone Star Project: The Lone Star Project has learned that Republican Tax Assessor-Collector Leo Vasquez has reassigned Associate Voter Registrar Ed Johnson from voter registration duties to a communications role. Johnson was exposed by the Lone Star Project as “the inside man”to Republican elected officials, particularly State Rep. Dwayne Bohac (HD138-Houston).

Vasquez’s actions appear to be a cynical attempt to distract attention from an ongoing lawsuit in which Vasquez is seeking to withhold documents and other records that would likely confirm that his office improperly rejected as many as 70,000 voter registration applications and improperly handled more than 1,200 provisional ballots.

Just what kind of political brothel is this?  We need new leadership, not the second coming of Paul Bettencourt.

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