Crabb Will Not Seek Re-Election in HD-127

This is an interesting development.  After numerous sessions in which there were rumors of his retirement, it looks like all of us keeping quiet has worked.  Joe Crabb is not running for re-election in HD-127.

Several familiar faces are believed to be considering a run for the office including Humble ISD school board member Dan Huberty and local physician Dr. Martin Basaldua.

I will venture to say:  Advantage Dan Huberty.  No, not because he’s the better candidate. It’s just that the good Doc has a fatal Republican flaw–He’s Latino, and we know how the Republicans feel about those type of people.

Of course, Crabb is known for his disdain of Democratic constituents, but above all, he is one of the architects of Texas Re-Re-Districting under the hand of Tom DeLay. He even earned this article in the Austin Chronicle for his efforts in the land-grab.

Kasprzak also recalled overhearing a small-town mayor visiting Crabb’s office casually indulge in racist remarks and then refer disparagingly to the League of Women Voters as “the plague of women voters.” “As a woman who is obviously involved in politics,” Kasprzak wrote, “I could not believe it when my boss and state representative agreed to a comment like that.” And she described the field-hearing process as a “joke” because “the public was excluded in any real decision calculus of the committee,” and the real map-drawing took place entirely behind closed doors.

Of course, he wasn’t too Latino-friendly either during the redistricting town halls in South Texas.

Crabb is notoriously tone-deaf politically — he told the committee that Valley field hearings would be pointless because “only two of the members speak Spanish”

So, I won’t bid him “fare thee well;” instead, I’ll say, good riddance!

Update:  Kuff has his thoughts.  Given that HD-127 is solidly Republican, I must say that I will not be part of the “run everywhere” crowd this time around.  Any Democrat would need a boatload of cash, and let’s face it, “Party” money ain’t comin’ this way.

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