Obama: Hurry Up and Wait on Immigration

Earlier this summer, I wrote about the similar situations affecting the Latino community and the LGBT community when it comes to the Obama Administration making positive moves on immigration and DADT/DOMA.  Unfortunately, President Obama has told the pro-migrant community to hurry up and wait, yet again.

“I’ve got a lot on my plate and it’s very important for us to sequence these big initiatives so they don’t crash at the same time,” Obama said when asked by a reporter about the prospects for immigration reform.

As a friend of mine stated today, how can President Obama push health care reform before immigration form? Wouldn’t that leave the undocumented and their children without access to health care?  Perhaps that’s the plan?

Lately, the Obama Administration has seemed pretty much like the Bush adminstration on immigration–ENFORCEMENT ONLY!  With the 2010 elections on the minds of Congress, one has to wonder what this “draft legislation” is going to state at the end of the year.

If the President expects the pro-migrant community to wait for 2010, then perhaps Latinos will also wait to see if Democrats earn our vote.  It’s bad enough that the Party doesn’t do much to bring out the Latino vote, things like this just makes folks stay home.

3 responses to “Obama: Hurry Up and Wait on Immigration

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  2. Let’s be realistic. Congress doesn’t get back to work til the 2nd week of September, and they don’t have a final version of the health care legislation yet. That will leave them a month to get the bill passed before they come back home in October to campaign. Please, please try to focus on the issue at hand. If we don’t get health care reform, we don’t get immigration reform.

    • And do you honestly think we can get it in 2010 with all those Dumbocrats already running away from “Obamacare”? I’m not hopeful right now.