Museum for Votes?

This blogger ain’t buying that promise from mayoral candidate Gene Locke.

While a Latino Museum sounds like a nice gesture, it really shouldn’t be used to pick up votes. Besides, just what is this museum going to look like?  Let’s remember that Latinos are plentiful in Houston and Harris County; there’s a variation of us, each variation with its own history; and we’re everywhere, which would be cause for some major location analysis.

And just what history will be covered?  Just the “nice” stuff, or the bad stuff, too?

Frankly, unless a Latino museum is filled with honest to goodness curators with Smithsonian-esque experience (cultural anthropologists), then I’m afraid of what would really be built.

So, no, a promise is worth nothing unless you have a plan for what’s going in, what it’s going to take to build it (politically and fiscally), etc.

And a museum is hardly a gesture when the Latino community is still in dire need of economic development, educational opportunities, and other infrastructural needs.  We need the ability to build our own businesses, manage our own spaces, and to re-invest in our own communities.  All a museum might cause in the form of economic development is a bidding war for who gets to manage the coffee shop in the museum.

When local politicians are more inclined to defend 287(g), than fight it, is a museum just compensation for the separation of families, the psychological effects of parentless children, and the other negative effects of such a punitive rule that targets working people who simply lack a piece of paper?

No thanks!

Promise me you’ll fight developers who damage our environment; promise me you’ll fill the potholes that leave me with a bad suspension; promise me that the cops aren’t going to be targeting me based on the color of my skin; promise to help me become empowered so that I can build wealth and in turn help pay for a museum.

UPDATE 5:00PM:  Finally!! The Chron notices DosCentavos!!!  I just wish they’d fix the link to DC on their Opinion page blog drop-down menu.  : )

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