Parker Campaigns from the Netroots

I have been honest, I think Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker has had the best online presence from the get-go, particularly on Facebook, and now, on Twitter.  Now, it looks like Parker’s campaign is ready to steamroll the competition–at least online.

-Live-Streaming Social Media Feeds: Using the latest technology from Facebook and Twitter, has launched live-streaming, custom-designed Twitter and Facebook feeds prominently featured on the website’s homepage where visitors can follow campaign social media feeds as well as sign up to join directly from the homepage. This development will better integrate the campaign’s various social media platforms.

-Custom FBML Facebook Tabs: The Parker Facebook page, with more supporters than all of the other Mayoral candidates combined, recently launched two custom-designed FBML Facebook “tabs” to allow users to join the campaign’s email list and make a contribution all from within the Parker Facebook page. These custom tabs will compliment the Annise Parker custom application badge and the Annise Parker MyStuff custom application. View all custom FBML tabs at All custom-designed applications facilitate an integrated, intuitive user experience.

Joint Twitter Broadcasting: Annise Parker has more Twitter followers than all of the Mayoral candidates combined. In order to maintain this robust network in one central location, the campaign will pursue a joint Twitter broadcasting strategy where both campaign staff and Parker will continue to Tweet from the @AnniseParker feed. All Tweets coming directly from Annise will end with an “-A” signature to make clear who is responsible for the tweet.

-Social Media Coordinator: In an effort to improve rapid-response times, remain on the cutting edge of social media development and foster a two-way dialogue between the Annise Parker campaign and its many supporters, the campaign has charged Justin Concepcion, a University of Houston graduate in Communications and Public Relations, to manage and expand the campaign’s social media presence on a full-time basis.

During a time in which voters like to hear directly from the candidate, this development is a good thing.  And when it is younger voters that must be reached, using online tools is even more important to expand ones voter base.  And it looks like it’s working for Parker.

“We started this campaign with a clear directive from Annise: Build a grassroots campaign like Houston has never seen before,” said Adam Harris, Parker’s campaign manager. “And that is exactly what we’re doing and will continue to do all the way to Election Day.”

In addition to traditional activities like knocking on doors and talking to voters over the phone, Harris points to an online community of supporters that has swelled to over 10,000.

I’m looking forward to the results.

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