Breaking: Dan Huberty (R) Announces for HD-127

Kingwood Republican and Humble ISD school board president Dan Huberty is the first to jump in to vie for the open seat for Texas House District 127.

In his announcement, Huberty explains his game plan:  Voter ID and Redistricting.

“I am keenly aware the next legislative session will deal with legislative redistricting and another attempt to secure the voting process by requiring photo identification to vote,” Mr. Huberty reflected.  “These and other issues require that a strong conservative be elected to follow Rep. Crabb’s history of conservative leadership.

To secure such issues for the Republicans, Huberty would also need to count on a larger Republican majority.  A 2-seat majority already failed on voter ID, and Democrats will continue fighting against any voter suppression legislation.  Instead of pushing divisive legislation, Huberty may do better by promoting unity and bipartisanship.  This may be too difficult for Republicans in their current state.

The Democrats, on the other hand, will be fighting hard to keep the seats they won from the Republicans in 2008, as well as defeat a few Republican incumbents to finally gain a majority in the Texas House.

Earlier in the HD-127 discussion, I was of the opinion that perhaps Democrats should not run someone in this open seat, but would Democrats have much to lose overall in Harris County if a Democrat were to challenge the Republican favorite?  Obviously, any Democrat that runs should expect to be a little bit more than just a name on the ballot, at the same time, I wouldn’t expect any investment from the larger Party, other than from HD-127 supporters and others who support a challenge of the Republican.

Take a totally non-scientific poll and tell me what you think?

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