Thoughts on Viernes…08142009

The Accused

No…it’s not even worth it.

Is This Wealthy?

Apparently, one Chron commenter thinks I’m “well-off” and don’t care about progressive issues, such as, oh, civil rights, infrastructure, lack of access to education for people of color, etc.  Really, I can see it quite well from the top of this hill (click on pic).  Maybe, I should just go to Kingwood Tea Bagging meetings, since it seems to be the rave with folks that commenter supports.

Ignorance is bliss with a few folks inside the loop, I guess.  Those that know me, know I’m just a regular guy.  Excuse me, it’s time for tea and “scrumpets”.

Seriously Showing Off La Cultura

I was just checking out the City of Austin’s website and how they really show off the Mexican American Cultural Center. I just heard from my Facebook buddy and Accordion king Joel Guzman that he’ll be heading up an Accordion Class at the MACC next weekend.

The MACC had been talked about since the 70s in Austin, even lost in a bond election during a time when folks were giving away money for “Save Our Springs” back in the day.  It didn’t open until 2007.

Now, do folks understand when I talk about knowing the political and fiscal realities of opening such a type of place here in Houston?  It ain’t easy and it shouldn’t be a campaign promise.  It’s one of those political butt-biters.


Jeff Foster, a Center with the Indiana Pacers, was one of my students when I served as an Athletic Academic Assistant at then Southwest Texas State University.  He was always a very smart kid, took care of his academic affairs, while also working hard as a member of the Bobcat Basketball team.  He had the opportunity to make himself available for the NBA draft in 1999 (after I left SWT Athletics) and didn’t finish his degree.  Ten years later, he’s finished it! Congrats to Jeff on this milestone.  Since I have family connections to Indiana, the Pacers have always been one of my favorite teams!

DC on Term Limits

I’m against them.  Nuff said.

They Have Time for Football?

Stuff like this makes me really not like sports.

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