An Unorganized Announcement in HD-127?

According to ABC13’s Miya Shay, Addie Wiseman is another Kingwoodian (Kingwoodite? Kingwoodonian?) who will be running as a Republican for Texas House District 127.  And it doesn’t look like she’s close to becoming official.

Details are still being worked out, she didn’t have a campaign manager or a treasurer when we talked.

Of course, given that Wiseman loves to attempt to shut down TV stations, I’m figuring her main campaign issue will be to shut down the internet and TV feed of the House sessions as a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Wiseman may be the first of the Republatinos to announce as there is word that the good doc Martin Basaldua is also contemplating a run.  That will split the Kingwood Republatino vote big time!  Of course, most of the Latinos in my precinct (and we’re a good little group!) are Democrats, so we won’t be crossing over for either of them.

No, I expect campaigns from all who participate in the R-Primary to move to the rightest of the right-wing.  Already, one guy is talking Voter ID.  Basaldua ran an ad attacking Latino immigrants in his last run, and we know Wiseman’s tendencies.   I will have fun reporting on the Republican Primary, for sure.

I asked yesterday:  Should Democrats field a candidate in HD-127, given that this is still a “red” district, there will be no institutional support, but given that turnout is reduced in a non-presidential year, could make it a little bit more competitive?  (Ouch, the grammer!) Take the poll.

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