DNC: Chairman Kaine’s Press Conference

Gov. Tim Kaine

Gov. Tim Kaine

Here are a few highlights from Toni, who also asked a few questions and put the Party on the spot.

Selected quotes from the Governor:

“at least 30 years since DNC met in Texas”

“Texas is now within our grasp.”

Spent Wednesday and Thursday in Brownsville area “people there have never seen a DNC Chair in the Valley!”

“too early to say if DNC is going to invest in State House races, but chambers on the margins, will probably get ‘extra attention'”

When I asked him about CIR being deferred to 2010, could we pass Dream Act this year:

“I can’t say what the White House is doing on that”  “put off until 2010 because the President has critical issues like health care, energy, and financial crisis”

When I asked him if we could pass Dream Act this year:

“don’t want to separate out DA bec we’ll have some bipartisanship and consensus on the comprehensive bill”

He seems to think that a comprehensive bill is going to be passed.

He looked really uncomformtable when I asked the question–I don’t think he expected it, which is sad, because we are in TEXAS!

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