The Real Christians for Better Government

It is very unfortunate when a group uses the name of an actual group to spread hate and bigotry.  And it happened.  The real CFBG group released its endorsement list back on 9/9.  The actual group stayed out of the Mayor’s race, and it made some endorsements that didn’t match up to the other list the other group sent out.

As bloggers, we do our best to find where e-mails come from; particularly when stuff like this is tossed about as a means of causing upheaval and a few headaches.  Much like Charles Kuffner, I also did a search of the name, and later, I even went so far as to search for a voting record on the “contact name”.  The result yielded nothing on the domain name, and eventually, nothing on the contact person.  Obviously, whomever wanted to cause problems was successful. As Kuffner explains it:

According to Rev. Wright, he has been contacted several times in the past by “right-wing groups” who want to use the name “Christians for Better Government” and are dismayed to find that Rev. Wright’s group isn’t right-wing. That suggests the possibility that this is an especially dirty trick, as the CFBG name has been sullied by the fake email.

Again, it is very unfortunate that this has occurred, but it is very important for endorsing organizations and candidates to be mindful of the political climate and be ready for these types of occurrences.  Let’s remember, it’s not the first e-mail that has spread lies, or used someone else’s name.

As a means of helping the “real” Christians for Better Government, here is their list of endorsements:

City Controller- Ronald C. Green

City Council Districts:
A- Lane Lewis
B- Jarvis Johnson
C- Anne Clutterbuck
D- Wanda Adams
E- Mike Sullivan
F- Mike Laster
G- Oliver Pennington
H- Ed Gonzalez
I- James G. Rodriguez

1- Stephen C. Costello
2- Andrew C. Burks
3- Melissa Noriega
4- C. O. “Brad” Bradford
5- Jolanda “Jo” Jones

Now, as fast as possible…let’s get back to the issues!


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