Annise Parker: Ad #1

It’s what we’ve been waiting for!  The next candidate to release a TV ad is Annise Parker.  Unlike Peter Brown’s ads, Annise Parker truly is the star of the show, even going so far as taking a speaking role!

The ad is very professional, but what makes the ad really reach voters is the personal touch as Parker convinces voters of her abilities as a leader and as a current elected official.

The negative?  It’s an ad on public safety, and it seems all of the candidates are using this issue as a means of attracting voters.  Granted, public safety takes up 65% of the City budget, so it should be a priority.  As an idealist, I like to hear about plans beyond public safety, since I think safety is a given.  I want to hear about how creative the candidates will be in ensuring the rest of the city services aren’t affected.

There is also a nudge at one of the opponents:  “…or fund museums or stadiums we cannot afford.”

In these lean times, I agree with her about these lofty ideas, but we still need to ensure the existing services–libraries, after school programs, etc.–continue.  Here’s the Parker ad:

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