The Republicans’ Mayoral Candidate is…

Well, according to Beverly Kaufman, our anti-voter rights elections chief, it is Gene Locke.

Coby has a good question.

Apologists for Locke will say this proves “he can work with both sides of the aisle.”  Actually, it proves nothing.  Until one is in the position, the leadership one shows in that position is what will prove if one can work across the aisle.

Anyone can shake hands with a Republican, but one can either lead to get their support, or give away the farm.  I can’t tell which one is true in this case, given who’s voice is on the robocall.

6 responses to “The Republicans’ Mayoral Candidate is…

  1. And who’s to say her message is not being received by enough of them? Just because she’s not saying, “Hey Republicans, look at me shaking hands with one of your own.” That doesn’t get votes. Now, if Locke is promising them something while we aren’t looking, that’s something else and we should all be worried about that.

    Ignoring groups, Annise is not. She has a consistent message that is for all groups, and that’s what counts.

  2. So do you think Republicans will just sit out this election or do you really think they’ll vote for Roy Morales? Do you think that Annise can win by excluding an entire group of voters from her campaign? Republicans vote. Not asking them for their votes is really, really dumb.

  3. I’m not an apologist, I’m a Gene Locke supporter, and this is a non-partisan election, where any and all of the candidates hope to get votes from Democrats and Republicans. Or maybe not? Maybe Annise Parker doesn’t want Republican votes? Que ridiculo.

    • Sandra,

      You know non-partisanship in City elections is a thing of the past. Sure, you might get support from the “leaders” in the GOP, but they can’t effect much of a vote for Democrats from their base.

      • And there is a huge difference between parading around Republinuts to impress the base and actually providing the voters a message. That’s what Annise Parker seems to be doing–message, message, message.

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