AL4s Noel Freeman Slams Opponent

The DosCentavos-endorsed candidate for At-Large 4 Noel Freeman has sent out his first mailer, first introducing himself, his experience, and his service to the nation, and then, slamming his opponent CO Bradford.

Bradford has earned criticism for his management of HPDs crime lab, and Freeman utilizes local leaders’ comments to convince voters of Bradford’s record.

And if you don’t want to believe those that commented in the piece, the believe the legal genius who took on Bradford and the City, Randall Kallinen.

And yes, while we have every reason to not vote for Bradford, we do have every reason to support and vote for Noel Freeman.  I have known Noel since his first run for Council and he has always impressed me with his innovative ideas regarding public works and city services.

Early Voting starts Monday.


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