The Alien Costume

Well, Target has gone and done it!  They have managed to anger a huge segment of the U.S. population with their sales of an “illegal alien” halloween costume.

As one can see, the mask is that of a space alien wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and holding a green card.

This has been the topic of discussion in an e-mail group and it seems a lot of folks are mad, and Target has taken notice.  They are pulling the costume.

So, how does DosCentavos feel?

Thank you for asking.  I don’t know.  As one of my fellow pro-migrant friends told me, it would seem to be an attempt to make fun of those opposed to immigration.  Still, the jump suit reminds many of us of the family prisons, 287(g)-detained non-criminals, etc.  The green card could be taken in different ways:  Making fun of the immigration system, or worse, the fact that a space alien can get one and not an actual human.

When it comes to the whole debate, I try to keep my battles within the realm of policy.  Policy and vitriolic commentary on TV affects more people than a $40 costume.  At the same time, I know of Chicanos who make fun of space aliens when talking about illegal aliens.  As Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez is known for saying in his presentations, “We are not illegal aliens…Superman is an illegal alien…E.T. was an illegal alien.”  And he’s been saying that since the 90s and before.  So, no, Target and others have not come up with something original.  It’s actually been stolen from pro-Migrant rhetoric.

So, who’s next to rid itself of this “alien” costume?

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