Racist Fail?

After the political grandstanding ploy was announced by Toni Lawrence, Mike Sullivan, and Anne Clutterbuck in their quest to support wholesale round-ups of Latinos, some friends attempted to calm me down with word about a probable, or even likely, lack of quorum at today’s meeting.  After speaking to one member of Council, I felt a bit secure, yet, as I told that member and my friends, these people would use the opportunity to parade around, blame everything on brown people, and other Republican ploys to gain votes.

It was no surprise that after this epic racist fail, Pam Holm joined them at their post-show sideshow.

After the aborted meeting, City Council member Pam Holm joined the trio at a news conference calling for Mayor Bill White to hold a public meeting on whether the city should participate in the 287(g) program…

If ever one wanted a better reason to vote for Ronald Green, there it is.

One of the most laughable quotes of the side show belonged to Lawrence.

“I have never grandstanded in the six years I’ve been on the council. I’m very passionate about this.”

I guess she forgets about the middle class Mexican kid who came to the U.S. for medical treatment for swine flu.  Lawrence went on a tirade because the kid was not a citizen.  If that’s not grandstanding, I don’t know what it is.

I am looking forward to Mayor White’s report next week–a report which was already scheduled, yet Lawrence decided to push it up a week for her grandstanding ploy.

Note to Mayor White:  We’ll be looking for actual stats that the vast majority of those turned over to ICE were actual “dangerous felons” as was the goal of the program.  Let’s not be like the Sheriff’s Department who touts the 10,000 wholesale captures turned over to ICE without providing those same “dangerous felon” stats.

UPDATE:  Disappointments and A Whole Lotta Stupid

I just heard a story about the post-show sideshow, whether it’s funny or just plain stupid, I will leave up to you.  During the press conference, as the story goes, Lawrence was talking about running the criminal record of an El Salvadorean which came up with a hit, and then stated he had gotten deported back to Mexico. 

A friend of mine calls it a Freudian Slip, but I’m pretty sure Lawrence believes Salvadoreños are from Mexico.

Finally, I must say I am disappointed in my candidate for Mayor.  Apparently, KHOU reported that Annise Parker also attended the press conference.

“City Controller Annise Parker, who’s also running for mayor, attended and applauded the city council members who spoke for 287(g). ”

Great way to solidify that Latino Vote!

Kuff also comments.

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  2. http://www.khou.com/news/local/stories/khou091028_nlc_287g-city-council-immigration-talks.260e1bb4d.html

    “City Controller Annise Parker, who’s also running for mayor, attended and applauded the city council members who spoke for 287(g). ”

    If only there was an pro-immigrant candidate for mayor. The more I hear about each candidate, the more anxious I get.