Big Night With Some Surprises

The Mayoral

First of all, predicted a first-place finish for Parker with 31%, and while I await the numbers from Ft. Bend, she did end up with 30.82 in Houston.  Unfortunately for Peter Brown, my prediction of his second place finish along with a prediction of a lackluster, but more than most others, performance for Roy Morales, did not come true, thus pushing Gene Locke to a second place finish.  We’ve got ourselves a run-off, folks!

Unlike some of the other experts who began back-tracking as poll numbers were looking less than impressive, I did not change my prediction when I heard from a friend that West Houston Republicans were not turning out as expected.  Later, I heard that polling locations in Kingwood had equally lackluster showings.  So, to me, it meant a couple of things.  (1) As I predicted, Democrats attempting to run a West Houston strategy would fall flat on their faces, (2) Hard-core Republicans who did bother to vote would go with Morales.

And what does this mean for the Mayoral race?  It just depends on who sees the need to try to “earn” the support of Morales’ supporters, which my guess are probably right-wing Republicans, rabidly anti-Latino, and not open to the ideas of a couple of candidates thought of as liberals.  Throughout the last year,  I was told by campaign staffers and candidates alike, “Republicans are Houstonians, too” and “that’s the way the game is played.”  I hope those that didn’t gain the republican votes they thought they would get learned a lesson.


Nothing made me feel a sense of power that one can only get from voting after watching Pam Holm lose.  Holm participated in Toni Lawrence’s anti-immigrant, Border Watch-supporting press conference, and soon after she went on the attack on Ronald Green, she attempted (and succeeded with a few) to friend some major Democrats on Facebook.  Then I heard about the “Democrats against Green” robocalls and wondered who was behind them.  Ronald Green took some unprovoked knocks and still came out ahead of the pack.

To this blogger, being a good politician is a great quality, but resiliency is even better!

Later:  At-Large Run-Offs and Other Results

A Decision:  I did make one decision last night.  I will definitely not be supporting Hank Gilbert for Governor.  Some loud-mouth supporter of his really annoyed me last night.  I wasn’t even able to enjoy my $6.25 Miller Lite because of him–I had to drink it too fast to cool down.

2 responses to “Big Night With Some Surprises

  1. Hank Gilbert is coming tonight to speak to the Caucus. Also, Farouk Shami’s people said he might stop by. Should be interesting…

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