At-Large & District Numbers in Kingwood

It looks like the big winner in Kingwood in most of the At-Large races was the undervote.

At-Large 1

Though Costello defeated Derr 2205 to 1225, there were over 3000 undervotes.

At-Large 2

Sue Lovell was the top vote-getter in Kingwood again with her closest competitor being Griffin and just behind was Burks.  The undervote scored over 4,000.

At-Large 4

C.O. Bradford was the top vote-getter in Kingwood, with right-winger Curtis Garmon coming in second and Freeman running a close third.  A little less than 3,000 undervotes.

At-Large 5

As I mentioned earlier about using Republicans as a means of gaining votes, it looks like Jack Christie’s mail and efforts in Kingwood paid off, defeating Jolanda Jones 4217 to 783.  This was another race with less than 3,000 undervotes.


M.J. Khan edged out Pam Holm in this Republican haven, 3163-2938.  Ronald Green scored 1329. The undervote was 1575.

District E

Mike Sullivan swatted away his competitor Wayne Garrison 5778 to 2629 in the 12 precincts in Kingwood.

One thing is for sure.  The progressives still need every progressive voter in Kingwood they can get.  While the “Democratic” precincts inside the Beltway will add up, a competitive showing in Kingwood can give them a nice boost. For progressive at-large candidates with “conservative” opponents, this is especially important.

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