Thoughts on Viernes…Saturday From Austin Edition 110709

Note:  Apologies for the late hour.  I am in Austin going through some trainings, meeting some cool people, and resting for a long, long Saturday of more.

Hopson Switches…

Are we THAT surprised?  This is the same guy who stated, “Had SB 362, regarding voter identification, reached the house floor for a vote, I would have voted for it to pass without hesitation.”  Sure, this makes the job of achieving a House majority a bit more challenging, but after he gets primaried out by the Tea Baggers, we’ll see what his district really wants.

BOR had a post Democratic reaction and comments.

287(g) Not a Cause?

Campos shows he’s not happy with Latino turnout.  Well, hell, who is?  He thinks the threat of 287(g) isn’t the reason.  I think it’s part of it.  Left with no alternatives who are against 287(g), those of us who did vote had to swallow the BS and pick a candidate who we thought was best, anyway.  But given the fact that electeds and candidates have fallen asleep at the switch when it comes to GOTV efforts, media attacks against Latinos, etc., damn right people will become apathetic, or worse, purposely against “the system.”  Campos’ solution of another “Summit” to preach to the same ol’ choir is not the solution either.  We need to start listening to the people we want at the polls–and not seven days before the election, either.

Gov. Hair Fixer

Lately, Rick Perry hasn’t been looking his well-coifed self.  Perhaps the solution to his hair problems is Farouk Shami.  Shami thinks he’s the solution to what ails Texas and is getting ready to announce his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Governor.  I met Shami at the Johnson, Rayburn, Richards dinner and I can say he’s a really personable fellow, and he gave an awesome speech at the dinner.  I agree with his consultant, Robert Jara, that Shami has a great story.  But are Democrats ready for a whole ‘nother ethnicity to consider?

Speaking of adding some color to the Gubernatorial election, I just joined a Facebook site to draft a better “Hank” that what we are currently being offered as Hank’s go–Henry Cisneros.  Thus far, I think the only candidate who Latinos can easily embrace is Tom Schieffer because he’s already gained the support of Latino electeds in the Valley and other parts of Texas, but Henry on the ballot sure would be nice.  Added:  Whether or not this amounts to Latino votes is still the big question.  Latino voters like to hear from candidates, not brown surrogates.

More Reasons for Me to Stay

After spending more time in Kingwood than I usually do during the day this week, I found a few more reasons to stay in my neck of the woods.  First of all, I belong to a first-class group of Democrats over here that I consider family.  Secondly, Kingwood keeps growing!  Whenever Toni and Ben come to visit, they’ll have Courtyard by Marriott close by, we’re getting a brand new movie theatre, a few more restaurants, and pending doing a good study of how good this really is, the soon-to-be Lake Houston Area Chamber just entered into one of those health insurance co-ops we’ve been hearing about which allows small businesses some “corporate rates” to policies.  Wonder if I’ll be able to afford it.  Still, a few more reasons for me to stay.

Have a great weekend!

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