Bill White: Honoring Our Veterans

If candidate for U.S. Senate Bill White does not mind, I would like to use his words in this post in which he honors our Veterans.  Interspersed are photos of some of my family members who I honor on this day, too.

Staff Sgt. A.R. (Tacho) Medellin (Tx Nat'l Guard) and his little brother Manuel Medellin, US Army Vietnam Vet

Pedro Teran, US Navy WWII Vet

My father was part of a generation sometimes called America’s greatest. He landed in Europe on Omaha Beach and returned wounded and wiser after hard, bloody combat. I believe every generation, including those now in uniform, has among its numbers people who deserve to be called America’s greatest.

Our nation equipped my father for war, but also for peace with the GI Bill and VA medical care. I am proud of the people of my community for joining me in the nationally acclaimed Returning Veterans Initiative that gives returning veterans hope with employment opportunities, assistance with social services, and reduced red tape. You can learn more about the Returning Veterans Initiative here.

Across our nation let us resolve to treat our returning vets as VIPs, and renew our commitment to those who returned from Vietnam, Korea and other conflicts. There should never be a forgotten war, or a forgotten veteran. And let us reach out to the families of those now deployed, and express in deeds rather than just words the thanks of a grateful nation.

Pedro's brothers, Alfredo and Abraham Teran (US Army, WWII)

Rodolfo Teran Garcia, US Army WWII

Luis Cerna, US Army, Korean War

Manny and Regina Cerna (US Army Vets)

Alfredo Teran in Uniform

And my good friend and brother in the Cause…

Joe Montemayor, US Navy Vietnam Era



Manuel Juarez, US Army (My Godfather)


Mateo Juarez, KIA Vietnam 11-20-70

And to all my other primos, tios, and amigos who have served. Gracias!

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