Latino Community Embraces Annise Parker

Thanks to Latino leaders, such as Col. Rick Noriega, State Rep. Jessica Farrar, Gilbert Garcia, Council Member Melissa Noriega, Attorney Roland Garcia, among countless others, it is quite evident that the Latino community has more than embraced our next Mayor of Houston Annise Parker.

Half of the room which soon overflowed with supporters.

Donerakis at Gulfgate was the scene of the Hispanic Leadership Council supporting Annise Parker.  Politicos, small business people, Union activists, and as a friend of mine put it, “just folks from the neighborhood,” got together this morning to celebrate and support Parker’s campaign.  Put together by Noriega and Farrar, the breakfast-turned-rally featured special guest and Parker endorser Councilman Peter Brown.

Stating that Houston is not a city of intolerance, Noriega stated that Houstonians will not buy into the latest tactic to gain support for Parker’s competitor.   Agreeing with Noriega, Farrar stated that Houstonians are more in tune to issues that affect them most, such as the City budget and the services the city provides, adding that the City’s budget is safe with Annise Parker at the helm.

After a standing ovation, Peter Brown spoke about the support that the Latino community showed both the Brown and Parker campaigns.  54% of Latinos voted for either of them, and Brown called on his supporters to return to the polls to put Annise Parker in the Mayor’s office.

Parker took the time to recognize the countless key people in the audience who have supported her from Day 1, including her Latino outreach coordinator, former San Antonio City Council Member Elena Guajardo.  Also in the audience was Council Member Sue Lovell, who is also in a run-off for At-Large #2.

One person in attendance did ask the one question that seems to be flying about regarding Annise Parker and the proposed Dynamo Stadium.  According to Parker, The City of Houston has invested $15 Million to buy the land for the stadium and is committed to spending another $10 Million for infrastructure improvements around the stadium.  The challenge has been to get the County to spend it’s fair share on the stadium.  Parker stated in this tough economy, she is not willing to expend more tax dollars on the effort, but will work to get the County to pay their share.

The event concluded to chants of “Si Se Puede!”  It almost felt like a UFW Rally!  Almost.

Supporters are invited to head out to Annise Parker HQ in The Heights to phone bank and block-walk.  The Parker campaign is set to send dozens of blockwalkers into a diversity of neighborhoods around the City.

Update:  Special mention for organizing the event also goes to Alex Martinez.

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