DCs Round Two Endorsements 2009

Here are my endorsements for the run-off.  Feel free to print it out!

Mayor:  Annise Parker.  Consistent. Responsible. Responsive. Action-Oriented. Experienced.

Controller:  Ronald Green.  I have known Ronald since his first campaign for City Council.  He brings with him the legal and financial expertise needed to serve as an effective watchdog for the city.  He does not make decisions based on political expediency.  The Controller’s office must be one that does more than simply go along with what the Mayor wants.  Ronald is not afraid of asking the tough questions on any issue.

At-Large #1: Karen Derr. Given her successes in life, and even in her campaign, there is one word that sums her up–Focused.  And that is what we need at City Hall.  Someone who is focused on getting the job done–ensuring the optimum use of our tax dollars, making good decisions based on reality and not on political agendas, and being responsive to constituents.  City Hall needs more practical, forward-thinking people at the Council table, and Karen is exactly what we need.

At-Large #2:  Sue Lovell. We will have some new faces around the Council table, so there is no doubt that City Hall will also need consistency.  As one of the most responsive, constituency-driven members of Council, Sue will be a good mentor to the “newbies.”

At-Large #5:  Jolanda Jones.  With all these new faces, City Council will definitely need a firebrand to fight those fights which need fighting from that level.  In this political era where it seems officeholders are more willing to appease, rather than fight for what’s right, Jones can be counted on to be a consistent voice on issues that matter.

District A:  Lane Lewis. DosCentavos does not reside in this district, but being that I’ve supported others in other districts, something has to be said.  There is a short statement that sums up Lane Lewis–Lane Cares.  He cares about his district and all of his neighbors.  District A needs a Council Member who has the experience of working on issues that affect a wide swath of the diversity that is Houston.  District A is definitely becoming a microcosm of Houston, and District A needs a forward-thinking, constituent-driven representative like Lane Lewis.

District F:  Mike Laster.  This district has needed someone like Mike for a long time.  One of the most diverse districts in Houston, District F needs someone who is mindful of the district’s needs–economic development, improved public safety, and infrastructure development–but who will also act responsibly with tax dollars.  Any politician can say he will “cut spending,” but it takes a responsible politician to ensure tax dollars are spent effectively while preserving and improving services.  Mike is the one who can best be effective.

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