2010-Yes; 1950s-No

So, what is up with soon-to-be-member of Houston City Council Al Hoang?  Kuff has some questions of his own.  What caused some serious tweeting and facebooking yesterday was one particular thing on Hoang’s taxpayer-funded website.

While some of his opponents might advocate for gays and liberals’ rights, Al is defending Christian and family values.

As Texas Cloverleaf points out, Hoang lists the whole right-wing agenda, including an attempt at going after immigrants.

On immigration issues, Al believes every citizen of this City has to follow properly the Law of this country, LEGAL IMMIGRATION is a YES but ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is a NO.

It seems to me he’s trying to assure his fellow right-wingers that he’s as “right” as they are, or worse.  Or perhaps that he is indeed a “Christian” and not some nutty Buddhist from some Communist country (as he points out that he’s from South, not North, Vietnam).

My friends, what we have here is another ethnic guy suffering from Galloping Roy Moralesism–where you have to prove to your right-wing friends that you’re as nutty as they are and not prone to falling for ethnic pride or anything that right-wingers may consider “unAmerican”.  Others suffer from this ailment:  Castellanos and Sanchez on CNN; major Bush Fail Linda Chavez; Houston’s Orlando Sanchez, the list goes on.

Frankly, I don’t mind if Council members put up their agendas.  At least we won’t be fooled when they “suddenly” get together to put on sideshows attacking immigrants.

Bay Area Houston has more.

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